Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bad Day 232--Grrrrr. That Dog!

The Dog broke into my room again today and went on the bathroom floor. And I took her for a long walk this morning! It would be on a day when my back is really hurting, so poor Child 2 had to clean it up. She did a great job, though.

I managed to avoid working on my EER today by reading hundreds of pages about budgets. Yes, thrilling, I know, but still better than writing about how amazing I am at reading budgets. Also, for fun, I took a quiz online to see if I'm smarter than a Foreign Service Officer, and as it turns out, I'm not! I had a good laugh at that because now that I'm in, they can't unhire me. Nor can they make me retake the exam. Stupid online quiz.

So it's only 9pm, but I feel like it's 3am. I am so exhausted from all the avoiding and did I mention that my back really hurts? Some lovely friends made us dinner and it was delicious and so necessary because I can't lift up my arms which meant either we were having dog food because it's on the bottom shelf, or it would be Chinese again. Instead, it was yummy soup and chocolate cupcakes for the children to enjoy. Someday, when Husband comes home from Afghanistan, I'm going to make him cook dinner for all the people who helped us out while he was gone. He should be done cooking after a few months.

These children in Colorado are having a worse day than me. 

In this photo provided by Sharon Webb, principal of Miami-Yoder School, students sleep on the floor at the school on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2013, in Yoder, Colo. About 60 students were forced to spend the night at the school after snow drifts closed roads in the area. The students went home later Wednesday after the roads were cleared. (AP Photo/Sharon Webb)

If you can't tell, that is the school they are sleeping in. A blizzard came through and the highway their school bus was supposed to travel down was closed, so they had to stay overnight at the school where they watched movies and ate pizza and talked on the phone with their parents. So actually, I take that back. They aren't having a worse day than me because it's 9pm and I'm not finished with Child 3's homework. I hate school. Grrrr.

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  1. It's okay, Dear. I'm not smarter than a Foreign Service Officer, either. However did we outsmart them and sneak on in?