Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bad Day 236--Don't throw the confetti!

We made lots and lots of confetti today with my new shredder which is awesome. The children and I happily shredded three bags full of old paystubs which Child 2 was amazed to find were from before she was born. Seriously, it was time to get rid of some stuff. Also, I think I can safely throw out my senior paper from college. From before I was married. On the Persian Gulf War. Yep, the first one so it's a little out of date. The most fun for them was all the business cards from various posts. Guess I don't need the contact info for someone from the Cambodian consulate in Shanghai from 2007. We made a big mess which I will clean up later. Just so you know, my new shredder makes confetti even smaller than this. I seriously love it. Love it! I think this is my favorite birthday present ever and the children agree with me.

We also shredded a bunch of chicken because I made Cafe Rio pulled chicken in the crock pot and it was a big hit. Except for Child 1 who objected to the corn tortillas. I told her that was what they use in the restaurant and she said she knew and she didn't like them at the restaurant either. But anyway, the tacos were delicious but I made way too much chicken so we put it in two containers in the freezer and we'll have one later this week--after I make Child 1 go buy flour tortillas herself. Ugh. Picky eaters. The gluten-free cheesecake was amazing, too. I used gluten-free shortbread cookies for the crust which I smashed up and substituted for the graham crackers. It was inspired because it was the yummiest pie crust ever and the children never would have guessed it had no wheat in it. So success except now I am really, really full. I don't think I've eaten this much in a long time.

These "Modern Family" stars are having a worse day than me.

Modern Family Stars

They were apparently stuck in an elevator for an hour with 12 other people and had to be rescued by the fire department. I love that show and one of my favorite ones is where Mitchell gets stuck in the elevator and they feed him cake. So now life is imitating art, except there was no cake. They apparently thanked the fire department for rescuing them, which is the least they could do. If they were really nice, they'd give those firemen a shout-out on the show. So thank you, Kansas City Fire Department, for being dependable and for making me grateful that the only time I got stuck in an elevator was in Korea and it only lasted about 10 minutes and I had snacks. Still, I never got on that elevator ever again and I never will.


  1. That recipe sounds awesome! I'd love to get it from you. Glad you are enjoying the shredder.

  2. Is Child 1 related to Adonis? He makes me use flour tortillas, too. (The horror!)