Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bad Day 242--More like lurch forward

Tomorrow is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time which means we have to move all the clocks forward an hour tonight. I had planned on going to bed early because we have early church, but of course, Child 1 and Child 2 are both out at parties and I will have to go pick up Child 2 at 11:30 which really means 12:30 am because of the stupid moving clocks thing. So I will be a zombie tomorrow at church. Thank goodness for Sunday afternoon naps.

Because the older children are out partying, Child 3 and I decided to have our own evening of fun which involved making bead jewelry and getting pedicures and eating out and then watching a movie that she would love but her sisters would make fun of. So since we are in a mermaid phase, we chose Aquamarine, which I have to admit I find very cute. Plus I think the blue-green hair streaks are adorable.

I have tried unsuccessfully to get Child 1 to put them in her hair, but she won't. She thinks they are stupid. Child 2 would never, ever, plus her hair is too short. Child 3 is my only hope.

The bead jewelry we were working on included a bracelet for Child 3 which she designed and made herself, and lanyards for me. Department employees must wear a badge at all times and most people wear them on lanyards that say things like "Embassy Moscow" or "Bureau of Consular Affairs" or "Ikea." OK, that last one was just me because Ikea had lanyards for $1 and actually my keys were on it. But wearing a lanyard? Ick. I decided long ago that if I were going to have to wear something around my neck, it was going to be jewelry. So when I lived in China down the street from the jewelry market, I had about a dozen necklaces made of different gemstones (don't judge--they were $3/a piece!) and I clip my badge to them. So I can color coordinate and don't have to wear any ugly lanyard with words on it. The only problem is that they are now a little old and they are breaking. So we went to a bead store to buy some wire to fix them. And I have discovered what it takes a jeweler in China 5 minutes to make, takes me a couple of hours. But I'm getting faster and I will be happy to be able to wear my favorite colored lanyards again because I'm getting tired of the beige crystal one. The one I fixed today is garnet. Lovely.

Next summer, everyone in Florida will be having a worse day than me. This is because Florida is going to be invaded by monsters. Specifically, these monsters.

They are giant mosquitoes the size of a quarter called gallinippers and they scare me to death. The thing you have to know about me is that I am a mosquito magnet. Seriously. If there is a mosquito anywhere within a mile, it will seek me out and bite me, thus saving everyone else around. You really want me at your barbecue because I will get bitten and no one else will. So you can just imagine how fun it will be when the monster gallinippers are out in force and attacking me. So thank you, Florida Residents, for being bait. Please keep the mosquitoes down there because I don't want to have to move again soon. Really, there is not room enough in this house for me and a gallinipper, so the first time I see one, I'm out of here. Are there mosquitoes in Iceland? Maybe I'll go there next.

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  1. Yay for lovely lanyards! You *do* know that I still wear the one you brought me from Shanghai. (You didn't intend it to be a lanyard, of course, but it just needed a ring and ta-da!)

    Artemis Your Sister Lanyard Aesthete