Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bad Day 299--Odes to Joy

Today was a busy day full of church and projects and minor cooking disasters and music. The children made gluten-free peanut butter cookies but there was a problem with following the instructions and the first batch was icky and salty, or so they said. I didn't taste them. But they fixed a new batch without asking for help and the cookies were delicious. We brought them to the "Young Musician's Fireside" which is an annual recital for kids that our church puts on and they were quite popular because I never knew how many people couldn't eat wheat until I couldn't myself. Even Child 1 who gets angry that everything in the house is now gluten-free approved of the cookies. They really were very yummy and not burned at all.

But before the fireside, we had skillet lasagna for dinner. Or rather, we had skillet lasagna stew for dinner because it was a little soupy. I tried to make it without the directions and the can of diced tomatoes I bought turned out to be more like tomato sauce. And since we didn't have time to let it set, it was runnier than I had wanted. But the good news is that it still tasted yummy and it set up lovely in the refrigerator so it will be perfect for lunch tomorrow.

Then at the fireside, Child 3 performed Ode to Joy along with 4 other people, but hers was quite peppy and joyful. I was very proud. And then Child 2 played Beauty and the Beast on the clarinet and she has such lovely tone. It was very lilting and lovely and I loved listening to them both practice all afternoon and filling the house with music. Gabrielle is their piano teacher and she would have been very proud of both of them.

This family in Utah is having a worse day than me because they have one of the largest beehives in their house that the state has ever seen, and keep in mind that their motto is "The Beehive State." Here is a look at part of the hive.

There were more than 60,000 bees in there. They hired some beekeepers to move the hive because they are conscientious and they really like honey. The beekeepers were overjoyed because bees are in high demand and scarce supply. So good for them for taking care of the bees. May they never return. And speaking of bees, thank you for reminding me that when I call the exterminator for the ants, I'll also have them get rid of the wasps nests outside the third floor. At least we don't have fleas or lice or mice. For the moment anyway. Owning a home can bring you so much joy! And bee stings which are really not fun when you're allergic. Did I mention that I'm allergic to bees? Yep, them, too. Ugh.

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  1. Where was Child 3 when I walked down the aisle to "Ode to Joy????" I could have used her joyful addition!

    Joyful Artie