Friday, May 17, 2013

Bad Day 311--Ugh!

I am sick. Really sick. Fever, sore throat, headachey sick. I'm certain it's Child 2's nasty cold from earlier in the week because I caught her drinking out of my water bottle. So as penance, I'm making her guest blog with the caveat that she has to say nice things about me. So here she is. I'm going to bed. (Husband, please still call.)

Hello everyone!  :D This is Child 2 speaking!  I guess I'll just tell a few jokes as I write about my day.  Well, I got to have an awesome time in band today as I usually do, since I have band every day.  And this week, I heard this funny joke that this one kid in my band section told our band director.  What do pirates and trumpet players have in common?  They kill on the high C's!  After band, I got to take the skills test we had on soccer in gym today, and then I had lunch with my friends, which consisted of pizza, chocolate milk, and fruit.  I actually came up with a funny joke I made about fruit back in April.  What did the cantaloupe say to the apple when it asked why the cantaloupe was crying?  "I'm crying because I'm so meloncholy!"  After lunch, I had French class, where I got my results back on this test we all had to take to see how much we'd progressed in learning French so far.  To be honest, I think I did surprisingly well.  At least I've improved since the beginning of the year when I accidentally told my teacher that the fish in the picture she was showing us was swimming on the beach.  Yup.  My friends and family and I still laugh about that, along with how I accidentally said I was going to wash my face with soup last year when we were doing excersises out of the text book in Spanish.  When I got home, I played a fun game of go-fish with my cousin, and had piano lessons.  Then I slept a lot, had dinner, did homework and other stuff, and now here I am.

People who were at the airport in Duluth, Minnesota are having a worse day than us.  They were probably just sitting at the gate in the airport, waiting for their flights to come in, which were probably delayed due to two fighting bald eagles crash landing onto the runway.


In this  Sunday, May 12, 2013, photo provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources  are two bald eagles after they crash landed on a runway at Duluth, Minn., International Airport. Minnesota DNR officer Randy Hanzal said the eagles, locked together by their talons in a midair territorial dispute, couldn't separate but survived the fall.

They did manage to get the birds to a wildlife rehabilitation center eventually, but the people at the airport gates were probably still slightly mad at the birds for delaying their flights.  So thank you, bald eagles, for teaching us all that if we ever pick a fight, we should at least pay attention to our surroundings so we don't end up on the tarmac of an airport runway.

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