Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bad Day 308--Live long and prosper!

I woke up at 4:30 am to find someone taking an ice pick to the inside of my left eye. OK, not literally, but that is what it felt like and then I made the mistake of standing up and I almost passed out from the pain. Migraine again. So I called in sick, took a boatload of medicine and woke up around 11. Then I called the school because both Child 2 and Child 3 also stayed home. I think I gave them permission, but I can't actually remember because of all the medicine. But I felt better around 4 when Child 1 got home, which is a good thing because today is Child 1's actual birthday and once again, I proved that I am an awesome parent by getting her the very thing she wanted but didn't ask for which was an iPhone 5. I bought it last Saturday and all day Sunday and Yesterday and today she sent me texts about getting a new phone and links to the kind of phone she thought I might get her and all the time I had already purchased the iPhone and she was so excited when I gave it to her she couldn't even speak. She keeps hugging the phone.

Then we went to Cheesecake Factory where she wanted to go to celebrate her birthday so I looked up what Child 3 and I could eat which was quesedillas and salmon respectively. They have one cheesecake that has a crust made of almond flour, but it is chocolate, so I just had strawberries for dessert instead. Everyone had a great time but we all missed Husband and Child 1 grumbled about how he has missed two birthdays in a row (he has) but she didn't realize that he had totally come through with the present of her dreams. So we went home and opened the rest of her presents. Union Jack flip flops from Child 3, a Spock shirt from Child 2, some clothes from me, and--a Starfleet Academy sweatshirt from Husband which Child 1 promptly put on and said she was never going to take off ever.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Command Hoodie

I think she likes it almost as much as the iPhone. But not quite. I still win. I know it's not a competition, but if we were keeping score, which we're totally not, but if we were, then I would have won after the 42 hours of labor and the ride back to the hospital in an ambulance because I was bleeding to death. Just a little reminder about how much I love her. She doesn't remember those 42 hours, but I do. And I would do them all over again if I had to just so I could have her for a daughter. That is how much I love her. But we're not keeping score.

These restaurant owners in Arizona are having a worse day than me.

They went on that show that I've talked about before "Kitchen Nightmares." They apparently had never watched the show before appearing on it because they were surprised and angry at the fact that the chef (whose help they asked for and whom they invited to come fix their restaurant) criticized them for doing stuff like yelling at the customers and stealing the wait staff's tips and then he tried to fix things. But they apparently didn't want rescuing all that much, so they yelled back. It got so bad, that he left and said there wasn't anything he could do. Then, after the show aired, when people criticized them some more on Twitter and Reddit, they swore at people and told everyone things like "I'm not stupid. All of you are!" I could be wrong, but I think it's probably not a good idea business-wise to tell people they are stupid. So thank you, Nightmare Restaurateurs  for reminding me that good customer service puts the customers first. So I'll keep going back to establishments that do that. Good luck saving your failing business! And next time, watch the show before volunteering to be on it.

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