Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bad Day 323--How did I get stuck with the whale?

Husband left without solving the whale problem, so I did some research online and went to Home Depot and asked someone who asked someone else who asked someone else who knew what I was talking about we are now the proud owners of two ball and socket joints which Child 3 is going to use in her model to make the fins on her whale move. Now I just have to figure out how to make sure the heavy joints don't rip through the model magic which is like clay that dries into foam. I'm thinking a cardboard tube frame for our whale, but I'm not sure. I'll solve that problem tomorrow. Or later. Artemis, if you or Adonis have any ideas, I'm open to them. I am not mechanical or artistic, so this project is a little beyond me, but it has to be done so I will buckle down and figure it out--just like the toilet and the furnace and buying a car and the flat tire and everything else for an entire year. Just saying. Husband owes me. Big time. Jewelry won't cut it at this rate. I'm thinking a rug. Or a new dresser. I like this one.

Mason Extra-Wide Dresser - Rustic Mahogany stain

Child 3 and I ate at Taco Bell this evening and I should have listened to her and had the nachos, but no, I thought a burrito bowl sounded awesome and it did taste amazing and now I am sick. I think it was the guacamole. So all I want to do is go to bed, but Child 3 still has to finish her homework and then pack for her girl scout trip which is on Friday but we have to drop off her backpack tomorrow which means it gets packed tonight. Now. Except that she is not done with her homework. So it will be a long night and we will all be cranky and late tomorrow and it is not turning out to be a very good day. But what did I expect?

I do have to write a note about the shoes I bought yesterday. I got some gray-blue wedges that look remarkably like this:
OK, they look exactly like that because those are the shoes I bought and I have to say I never want to wear another pair of shoes again. Ever. They are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. I am so in love with them, I am willing to build an entire wardrobe around them. OK, relax Husband. Not really. But I am planning on wearing them every day that is not raining to and from work because they won't give me blisters and I feel like I'm walking on a cloud and I need a good pair of commuting sandals because my black ones are wearing out. Now if they only made these in boots, I'd be set for winter, too.

The marketing geniuses at JC Penney are having a worse day than me. They have put up a billboard of a Michael Graves whistling tea kettle that people say looks a lot like Hitler. Seriously. You have to look at the handle because it looks a lot like hair if you know what to look for. Here, I'll post the picture.

Still don't see it? I didn't at first, either. But here is a picture of them side by side.

See it now? Now that I get what people are saying, I can't unsee it and I really want to unsee it because it is actually a very stylish teapot. I like the little bell whistle. But I could never put it on my stove now that I think it looks like Hitler. We had linoleum in our second house that I loved because it was such a pretty green color and looked like marble but then I saw where the "tiles" all met looked like swastikas and the bathroom was ruined for me forever. Thankfully we sold that house. I know; dramatic way to get rid of tile you don't like, but we didn't have enough money to replace it at the time. So thank you, JC Penney, for reminding me how much I love my actual tile bathroom floor now--not a swastika in sight. Good luck with the whole teapot thing. I don't know how you fix that without just ripping off the handles. And thank you again for making me grateful that this is not my problem. Now, if someone can just make the whale for me. . .


  1. Yeah, not to mention that I think I also need a new dresser since mine has already quite literally fallen apart.

    - Child 2

  2. Only God can make a whale.

    That said, I'm happy to take a look at it and see what we can do to fake it. Let's chat.


  3. Sister 1 says that it's the cutest Hitler has ever looked.

    -Niece 2