Monday, May 13, 2013

Bad Day 307--My friends are keepers

Today was a day full of surprises and old friends. First, Child 2 stayed home from school because she is sick. Child 2 never wants to stay home from school and really is rarely sick. Child 3 is also sick and was crying for no reason this afternoon. Just sobbing her heart out. I asked her what was wrong and she yelled she was just at that point in her life where she was going to be irrational and emotional for no reason and I should just deal with it! So I gave her a hug and made her some dinner and asked Child 2 to cheer her up, and she did.

Then I went to get the mail and there was a package in it. For me. Actually a real package sent by someone who was thinking of me. Not just something I ordered from Amazon--but a real present. Just for me! And it turned out to be from one of my oldest and dearest friends. We went to junior high, high school, AND college together and took all the same classes and went to church together. We see each other's feeds on facebook, but she lives on the other side of the country so I haven't seen her in person in years. I think maybe since she got married which was before me, so that was a very long time ago. She must be reading my blog because it was a box full of gluten-free goodies and inside was a card from her. I recognized her handwriting which is still just the same and as pretty as ever. I have spidery skinny hard to read handwriting, but "Sally" always wrote the prettiest notes. And we wrote a lot of notes back then because this was before cell phones and when a text was a really thick book. We would fold them into elaborate shapes so that we could tell if someone had opened and read them. Or at least that was our idea. We didn't have very good tradecraft at age 13. Somewhere, I have a bunch of our old notes. I'll have to dig them out to read.

But in this note, which was a card, she wrote that she was thinking of me and it was the most lovely surprise. She is a good, good person, that Sally.

Then, I went to dinner with a friend from our last post. We talked and talked because we had a lot of catching up to do. Good food plus good company means I didn't get home until almost 10 and when I got home, Child 3 was asleep on the sofa. Child 3 never goes to sleep early and when I tried to get her to go to bed, she was obviously sleep walking. I'll have to go check to make sure she actually made it to her own bed because with sleep-walkers, you never know. I have a feeling she will be home from school tomorrow, too along with Child 2 who still has laryngitis. Child 3 has missed so much school, but how can I make her go when she's sick?

Sister 2 wrote me to tell me that these owners of a flying car in Canada are having a worse day than me, and she is right.


That big black thing with the red spot is the parasail and the thing on the bottom with the propeller is the car. It's sort of like a parasail attached to a dune buggy and they crash landed into a tree. This does not sound like the future to me. I'm still waiting for the Jetson's car that is basically a glass-domed flying saucer and folds up into a briefcase. I so want a car that folds into a hand bag. That would be just the best invention ever, but probably not very safe in a crash. The driver and his passenger are injured, but survived. Still, crashing into a tree in any kind of car would be awful, let alone landing in one. So thank you Mr. Future Man, for reminding me to be grateful that my mini-van is very good at keeping all four wheels on the road--even when one of them is flat. But good luck with your flying car! I definitely will not be purchasing one, and no Husband, you may not have one for your birthday. Living in Afghanistan will just have to satisfy your daredevil impulses for the moment.

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