Monday, May 20, 2013

Bad Day 314--I have no memory of that

I would make an awesome congressional hearing witness at the moment. I looked at my blog post from yesterday and I have no memory at all of writing any of it. I'm blaming it on the cold/flu/strep throat or whatever the heck I have that is making me so ill. On Friday, I was so spaced out that I actually missed my metro stop and went one too far. And that was on the way home! And today, I almost did it again. And today I forgot to bring both my phone and my Kindle which made my commute not so fun, so I don't even have the excuse that I was so absorbed by my book that I didn't pay attention to where I was. I have the ability that many moms have (especially those who are hard of hearing like me) which is to tune out everything while reading. Yes, I am one of those moms who can completely not hear their children saying Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom?! But really, when I am reading, the fire alarm could go off and the sprinklers too and I wouldn't even notice except that I would have to wipe my Kindle screen occasionally. But even with that super-power, I have never, ever missed my stop. So it must be this nasty cold/flu thing. I am miserable and it is only the Alleve-D that is keeping me going.

Well, also that Husband is here and there is someone else to pay attention to the children and walk The Dog in the morning and help with dinner and do the dishes. And then rub my temples to make the headache go away. I had forgotten how nice it is to have a husband. I tried to make Child 2 rub my feet the other day and she basically patted them while holding her nose and saying EWWW! Child 3 gives a nice, soft temple rub for migraines, but it lasts about 30 seconds before she gets bored. And my massage chair is just not the same.

But before I forget, I keep meaning to write about my bangs, which I got on Saturday, or "fringe bangs" as my Cambodian hairdresser calls them. They were her idea. I haven't had real bangs since I think 10th grade. About 10 months ago, I got side bangs which were "sort of bangs" and really weren't bangs since they didn't really cover my forehead. But now, I have committed to the bangs. Probably because of Iron Man 3 and Pepper Potts because my hair kind of looks like that now.

Husband is happy. He is happy whenever I cut my hair. He has this amazing ability to like however I wear it, even when it is a mess. I am not complaining--I am bragging. It is my favorite trait of his because it means that I can experiment with bangs and he will say I love it. You look amazing. Again, it's so nice to have a husband around, if just for the ego boost.

These seniors in Kentucky are having a worse day than me. They decided that for a senior prank, it would be really funny to release 10,000 crickets into the high school, which most people would tell you was a really, really bad idea because 10,000 crickets looks like this and requires an exterminator.

I know! I get the willies just thinking about it. So the school administrators who found the prank less than funny forbade them from walking during graduation and fined them each $600 which they must pay before they can receive their diplomas. Their fellow seniors protested, but to no avail. So thank you, clueless Seniors, for reminding me to be grateful that the exterminators came this afternoon to get rid of our ants and the wasps nest. And it did not cost me the thousands of dollars it will cost your school district to get rid of those crickets. (And to my friends in Oklahoma, I am glad you are all safe, and if you need to get away from the destruction, DC is a very nice place to visit and I live in a house that right now is completely bug-free. Just saying. You can stay with me any time.)

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