Monday, February 4, 2013

Bad Day 209--Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts

I am watching Man vs. Food  and Bizarre Foods on the Travel channel because I like to torture myself and plus they eat a lot of things on those shows which I never want to eat so it's not as hard as watching, say, "The best chocolate desserts ever made with wheat flour." I don't think that's a show yet, and if it is, I will never watch it. I ate the tiniest piece of bread at church during what we call sacrament meeting and other churches call communion and I have been sick ever since. I was literally up all night and got about an hour of sleep and that entire hour was filled with nightmares. And when I woke up at 5:30 to walk the dog, I was so dizzy I literally fell down and it felt like the room was spinning. So I stayed home from work and slept all morning and I still feel awful.

But one good thing was I made chicken noodle soup for dinner with potato noodles and it. was. amazing! Better than the original IMHO (which isn't very humble because I fully admit I am a really good cook) but it was delicious. Potato noodles, I have discovered, take longer to cook than regular noodles but end up tasting a lot like dumplings which I am very fond of and also miss.

I couldn't find a picture of the potato noodles, which I admit are a little weird looking because when cooked, they are clear around the edges, but they are delicious and I am so happy to have found a substitute for egg noodles which have been a staple in our house for years. They go amazing with Norwegian meatballs which we will now eat with potatoes and will probably be more authentic. So the noodle find is an exciting thing in our house. Plus the soup got two thumbs up from Child 2 and Child 3 and I think Child 1 will like it when she finally gets home from her many activities.

Speaking of children, the mother of this six year old girl in Pennsylvania is having a worse day than me. While she was sleeping, her daughter, who is tall for 6 but still, decided she wanted to go see her father who lives across town so she got into the car and drove. Seriously. And of course crashed the car into several other cars and a telephone pole.

Girl, 6, Crashes Car While Trying To Drive To See Her Father

The girl was taken to the police station where they called her father, so she got to see him after all. But I can just imagine the phone call the mother got saying her daughter had been arrested for reckless driving and her car was wrecked. If she is like me at all, she will be afraid to go to sleep for years. So thank you, Pittsburgh Mom, for reminding me to be grateful that my children are not stealing airplanes to go visit Husband in Afghanistan. And also that Child 1 has a license and can drive herself places. And that I have never had to pick up any of them at the police station. May that record continue forever.


  1. Potato noodles eh? Homemade or bought? Those sound yummy but I'm not sure I could make my own. I'd LOVE a good egg noodle sub. (By the way, the bishop and YM of the FC ward were awesome with our GF bread for sacrament. We had to sit in roughly the same place each week and bring our own bread but they always made sure we got it. There is another family int he ward that needs it so maybe you can coordinate with them. The less I ate wheat, the harder it slammed me when I did eat it. Hang in there!)

  2. I actually took you some gf bread on Sunday so you could have a gf sacrament. My hope was to sit near you so the bread (in a small cup w/lid) could easily make it our way but when were a few minutes late that plan failed. Then I didn't find where you were sitting until after B had already given my bread to the priests. I have bread ready to go for this Sunday for you.

    1. Jamee, you are amazing. I am totally saving you a seat next Sunday.