Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bad day 218--sisterly love

Sister 1 arrived tonight for a long awaited visit. We have been talking nonstop since she got here like we always do when we get together. It is late and I am tired, so of course my computer stopped working and I have to blog on my phone.

I sometimes forget how amazing Sister 1 is, but tonight I remember. She has been here only a few hours and already she has helped Child 3 with homework, gone grocery shopping with me and helped make valentines for the 5th grade. I went to bed and she is still going even after flying all day to get here. I love her.

I have been torturing myself by reading Richard III on the train and there are lots of people in that play who had a worse day than me. But mostly Richard himself. He killed practically everyone he knew to get the crown and he only managed to hold onto it for two years and ended up with his skull bashed in buried under a parking lot. So thank you, King Richard, for reminding me to be much nicer to my siblings than you were to yours. I hope you learned your lesson in the end. I guess you never found that horse.

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  1. Evil propaganda, lol! History is written by the winners.

    Artie-who-blames-it-all-on-the Tudors