Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bad Day 221--Objects in the calender may appear smaller

I've been doing this for 220 days? It so feels longer than that and at the same time way longer until Husband will be home. He has been gone for. ev. er. And he's not coming home for an eternity. Be home before I know it my foot.

Today I woke up at 5am with a migraine which is always so much fun, and this one was bad. Knock you off your feet for hours bad. Dark room with no noise bad, which is hard to achieve in my house because apparently we need to watch Phineas and Ferb all Saturday long for hours on every single TV we own. It was also take every pain killer known to men bad. I took Excedrin, Advil, and two of my heavy-duty migraine pills and I finally got it under control but I was loopy all day. So loopy that I got out of the car, got my purse and started walking into the house and then I realized that the car was still running. Maybe I shouldn't have been driving.

But thankfully we all made it to the Cracker Barrel just fine which apparently Child 2 has now decided is our 3 day weekend tradition. And then we went shopping at Kohl's on the way home which is such a great store but there isn't one near us. Fortunately, there is one on the way home from the Cracker Barrel, so we stopped in and I got a new pair of jeans, so now I have two pair that fit without a belt cinching them up. And I got two T-shirts, but I tried them on first because I have learned my lesson. (Stupid London Olympic T-shirt that I'm too afraid to try on so I don't know if it fits yet.)

It is very late because I have been up talking to Sister 1 again. We talk so much that I have begun to lose my voice. It is clear to me that we need to see each other more often. But I will get right to the bad day which Artemis suggested to me. See if you can tell why this girl might be having a bad day.

sports illustrated racist props

Aside from the fact that she looks totally ridiculous riding on this raft in a bikini while the man behind her looks really uncomfortable with that, what you don't know is that the reason the river looks green isn't because it is reflecting the vegetation. It is because it is actually green. Here is another picture of the river.

I have actually been down that river on a tiny little raft which probably wasn't a great idea but it was fun, and while the view is lovely, that water is super nasty and I would never, ever get that close to it in a bikini. I hope that girl has some really good health insurance. So thank you, Sports Illustrated, for reminding me how ridiculous it is for a sports magazine to think that sitting on a raft while wearing a tiny swimsuit is a sport, and to be grateful that we didn't fall into the river when we sailed down it with Sister-in-law 3 and her family. Seriously fun, but afterward I realized I had just sent my kids and some of our closest relatives down a river in China on some pvc pipe and a lawn chair. Maybe not the safest mode of transportation.

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  1. Plus, I think we had a *lot* more fun on that river than that poor model appears to be having. I'll betcha they had to airbrush off one whole lot of goosebumps.