Monday, February 25, 2013

Bad Day 230--I win!

Today was a doozy. It was one of those days that is so very bad is so very many ways that it's hard to explain, and impossible to do so without whining. So it started with about 2 hours of sleep last night which did not make for a fun morning. Then it got worse from there involving a sick kid, calls from the school counselor and things going badly at work and it was the kind of day that needed chocolate but I can't eat chocolate so I'm eating gluten-free lemon wafers which are not the same. Nothing is the same as chocolate. I think I may have said that before, but it's still true.

So I am going to bed in about 5 minutes because I am falling asleep while writing and I think my grammar is getting worse by the second. Also I want to ignore the laughing children upstairs not doing their homework or their chores and that will be so much easier when I'm asleep.

This man in Portland, Maine is having a worse day than me, but not by much.

When I first read this story, it didn't say it was Maine and I was really confused because Portland, Oregon doesn't seem like the kind of place that would ticket someone for whistling, but apparently Portland, Maine is just such a place. This guy loves to whistle, but he can whistle quite loudly so the business owners downtown don't want him to. He says it's free speech, and a judge agreed--sort of. He can whistle as long as he keeps moving, which is weird, and sort of unfair to everyone involved because nobody gets what they want so in the end is sort of fair. So Mr. Whistler will keep whistling while moving and I will thank him for reminding me to be grateful that I have never been declared a public nuisance. That may be because I didn't learn how to whistle until I was 19 and I am spectacularly bad at it, but still,  I've never had a ticket of any kind, unless you count the parking one Child 1 got a couple of weeks ago which was my fault. Another ticket would have been all I needed to make this day one of the worst ever since Husband left for Afghanistan. Excuse me while I go to bed and try to forget this day ever happened.


  1. Sending ya a big hug. Hang in there!

  2. I'd say let's meet for lunch and forget your bad day. But looking at the map, Kansas City is about half way and I don't think that is the best place to be right now.

    1. Getting there would be tough, but on the upside, we could make lots of snow cones. :-)

  3. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo