Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bad Day 264--I'm not saying I told you so. But I so told you!

Today is Easter, but I am too jet-lagged to do anything about it. Somewhere in the garage, we have a bunch of plastic eggs, and somewhere in the house we have candy I bought to fill them, but I can't keep my eyes open, so I didn't do anything about it. Plus, Husband is the big egg hider, and we only have one child who might be interested in the hunt, so I told Child 3 she could dye the eggs herself and I took a nap. I know. I'm a terrible mother, but I did tell her which pot to use to boil the eggs before I fell asleep. Except that she didn't listen and claims I never told her to cook them first and she dyed all the eggs raw. And then when I told her they needed to be cooked, she dropped them one by one into boiling water where they each promptly cracked and poached, sort of. It was gross, so we threw them out and started over. She still did all the dyeing, because she loves art projects like that. And then we turned them into deviled eggs and ate them. The cooked eggs were delicious.

We also had ham and asparagus and mashed potatoes and fresh mango. Delicious and all gluten-free. Finding wheatless things to eat in England was way harder than I thought it would be, thus all the "jacket potatoes" which are really just baked and they honestly do put baked beans on them. They also eat baked beans for breakfast. But then, I'm from Texas and we eat beans (refried, though) for breakfast there, too. Also salsa on eggs and grits with cheese, so who am I to judge. One very sad lunch the restaurant had run out of potatoes so I had the vegetable soup which was good, but not very filling. Child 3 ate chips with every meal and once I had to grab a bowl of Frosted Flakes out of her little hands because they are not gluten free, even though some hipster told me they were. I looked it up online and they use malt flavoring, so no Frosted Flakes for us.

Now I'm shopping online for luggage because mine broke when I was packing it to leave for England. I took it anyway, but it has no handle on the top, so it's hard to move around. And the zipper pulls are all broken, and the telescoping handle broke the first time I used it seven years ago. But it's a nice shade of blue. That doesn't make up for the fact that we bought a really crappy expensive suitcase that didn't last. The cheap ones we bought at Costco are still going strong. I'm going to try at Marshall's next. But not a designer bag. Just a lightweight one that is the right size and has lots of pockets and maybe is blue. The matching carry-on is still in good shape and I would hate for it to clash.

The owner of this flea circus in Germany is having a worse day than me. Europe is having an especially cold spring and the fleas apparently died from the cold. I know you are wondering why this is a bad thing. And also, are flea circuses really real? But they are and here is a picture of one.

I know! I'm itching just thinking about it. The picture is so much worse. But the owner was able to find new fleas and train them in time for the big performance. Please don't make me google how to train fleas. I don't think I could stand it. But thank you, Mr. Flea Trainer, for reminding me to be grateful that I treated The Dog for fleas before we boarded her at the vet's. I have no interest in having fleas in the house, trained or not.


  1. My Costco luggage has served me well. I would buy it again if I had a Costco membership.

  2. Nothing fancy, just our love.

    Adonis and Artemis