Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bad Day 296--How early is too early?

I was in my pajamas before 8pm again. I have discovered that this doesn't mean I will get to sleep early, though. When you are the only parent in the house and your children are allergic to homework, then it means you spend a lot of time reminding them to do it and explaining that homework never actually killed anyone and then looking up things on the internet because you have forgotten algebraic equations or what exactly a cell membrane does. So yes, I am exhausted and didn't get to sleep until after midnight last night, and that is probably when I will finally get to sleep tonight, too. Child 2 has a project and Child 3 has reading to do and Child 1 stayed home sick today so she doesn't have any homework but I'm sure if she works at it she can find something else to complain about. There is always the fact that I gave away all the food in the house made with wheat to Gabrielle the other day. I was tired of food I can't eat falling out of the pantry and hitting me on the head because we had double of everything and honestly, when was she ever going to use the non-gluten free macaroni noodles anyway? They weren't the kind that comes with fluorescent orange cheese. I saved those. I might just use the cheese with gluten-free noodles because I always did love bright orange food.

The children must be allergic to homework because it makes them whine and moan and groan like nothing else and then they yell at me and who raised these children to be so whiny anyway? I refuse to take responsibility for the whining. In fact, I remind them all the time that I don't speak Whine so they need to speak proper English. Or Chinese. Maybe I will tell them that all complaints must be written in traditional Chinese characters or I won't read them. 已經停止抱怨!(I actually can't read traditional characters, but don't tell the children that. All the characters I know are simplified and most of them are the numbers 1-10.)

OK, I was already to use this picture of my friend's daughter's car as a bad day. "Bailey" left for college and someone decided to use her car while she was gone, just not for driving. Here is the picture.


Yes, that is a bird's nest on her front tire and it looks like there might be eggs in it, which makes it really, really hard to drive the car and not kill the baby birds. But I decided that although that is funny, and rather inconvenient, it is not as bad as this man who had brain fluid leaking out through his nose. A runny nose that turns out to be brain fluid is way worse than having birds build a home in your car. But thank you, Bailey, for reminding me to send the car with Child 1 when she goes off to school in a year so it doesn't attract wild animals. And thank you, Mr. Brain Leak, for making me really grateful that nothing from my brain has ever run out my nose. At least not that I can tell. I sometimes wonder if I'm leaking short-term memory because I forget things all the time, but that's probably due to the stress. Wait, why am I stressed again? Oh, that whole Husband is in Afghanistan thing. (And Bailey, tell your mom I miss her so, so much!)

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  1. If I remember correctly, George Clooney also had a brain fluid leakage issue. If you always have a runny nose, how would you know it was different? It's a good thing that I have decided NOT to worry about it.

    Love you!