Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bad Day 301--365 days is even longer than I thought

It feels like the longer this tour goes on, the steeper the hill gets that we are climbing. It's like what we thought would be a grueling hike along the Appalachian Trail turned out to really be the Himalayas. We thought we were here.

But now it feels like we are here.

And I left my crampons in storage.

Today was itself one long hard slog. I feel awful and I've felt awful since yesterday and nothing sounds good except ice cream. And I don't have any ice cream. Child 3's hives are better after she stayed home not doing her homework. Child 1 & 2 are off learning first aid and I am going to bed. If someone could call later to remind the children to go to bed, that would be great. (Husband, that would be you I'm talking to.) Last time I went to bed before 9, the children stayed up all night. On a school night. Because I was asleep. They had better not try it again because I will make them go to school anyway--just like last time.

This actress is having a worse day than me. Granted, she is only 16, but she has taken some spectacularly bad fashion advice because she was caught wearing this, in public, on purpose.

She looks like she's trying to channel Elton John and Oscar the Grouch and a yak all at once. You can't see the train in this picture, but I'm sure it is essential to the look. Because, you know, who doesn't need a chartreuse fur train? Especially where there are palm trees. So thank you, Ms. Grouch, for reminding me how much I love my goldish-green raincoat which looks nothing at all like your pal Oscar, or any other Muppet. I don't approve of harming Muppets for fashion.

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  1. Yeah mom, way to go on raising awareness against Muppet cruelty! You rock! (as always, of course.)

    - Child 2