Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bad Day 324--I am Superwoman!

So here is what I did today. In the morning, I finished my paper that could change the world. Really. OK, not literally because it would be hard to flip over a planet or turn it inside out. But figuratively. Sort of. Or at least save the world some money--budgets, you know. I a whiz at interpreting budgets.

Then I went to a meeting with S. This is S.

All the important people in the Department are referred to by one letter. I have about 23, so I'm not very important. Or however many letters there are in "that girl who is always writing about budgets." At the meeting, I sat next to a very senior person by accident who will be my boss' boss' boss in July when I switch jobs. She was really nice, even when I sort of blanched when I realized who she was. We had a nice chat about Afghanistan where her son is also serving right now. I told her I wasn't a big fan of Afghanistan due to the whole separation thing and she empathized, or pretended to. But I don't think I did any permanent damage to my career.

Then I sent around my paper for clearance to about 25 people and most of them loved it but some of them changed all the happys to glads and all the commas to semicolons, but I think it's still readable. I hate the clearance process. I am an excellent clearer. I usually say, I clear--no comments. Great paper! I'm very peppy in my clearances because I know that someone else will lower the doom and say that all the beginnings should be changed to effectives. Someday I will write back and say effective today we will no longer use effective when we mean beginning. But I will have to be very senior first.

Then I bought tickets to a football game where my alma mater will come to our area and be completely crushed by a real football powerhouse. But I will cheer anyway and the children will love me because I will buy them t-shirts and pom-poms.

Then I rushed home and picked up Child 3 from daycare and we literally ran to McDonald's where we had french fries and smoothies because that is all we can eat there. Then we ran, literally, back to the high school which is conveniently across the street from McDonald's and sat for 15 hours listening to the band concert of which Child 2 played for about 15 minutes. OK, it wasn't 15 hours but it felt like it because it was almost 3 hours long and there was lots and lots of talking and awards. They did play music from the new Star Trek movie which was cool. 

Then we rushed over to Child 3's girl scout leader's house and dropped off all the camping equipment because she is going on a campout this weekend. And then we came home and I wrote a blog post that will change the world. OK, it won't change the world, but I just like saying that. Also, I have blisters, big ones because I wore the wrong shoes. I'm going back to the navy super-comfortable ones tomorrow which will match fine with my new blue shirt and gray sweater from that British designer that I like that just arrived in the mail (the clothes arrived--not the designer.) I told my colleague all about him and now she has ordered a bunch of his clothes and now I have to coordinate what I'm going to wear with her because we have some of the same stuff. See, this is why I won't tell you the name! 

This man in Austria is having a worse day than me. His car caught on fire, so he drove it to the fire station. That's right, he drove a flaming car to the fire station about a kilometer away because he didn't know what else to do, presumably. He didn't even know the car was on fire until a passer-by told him. I'm wondering if there wasn't some kind of illegal substance involved here, although I supposed if he had been high, he might have pulled over and stared at the flames and said whoa those flames are hot, dude! So thank you, Mr. Fire Driver, for reminding me to be grateful that my car has never burst into flames. Something else to worry about now instead of sleeping. I need to get a fire extinguisher for the car. But first, I need to go to sleep because I am exhausted from a very, very long day.


  1. In Oman it is law to have a fire extinguisher in your car. We never had to use it yet, but I feel better now that I know about the guy in Austria since I know that we would be able to put out a fire ourselves without having to drive our flaming car to the Fire Department. I just don't like the foot room it takes as it is strapped to the floor of the front passenger side.

  2. My world is changed by this blog post. Did I say world? Nay, the galaxy and universe have been made just a little better.

    Carry on, 23.

    Commander Artemis