Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bad Day 176--Time to Dye

I think that the pounds I lost have been replaced by gray hairs. I have a bunch more than I used to and now there are too many to pluck out. So it's time to find a hairdresser. I've had my hair cut a total of twice since I moved back (and once was when I was visiting Sister 2 in a state across the country,) mostly because I have a lot of anxiety about getting my hair done after living in Asia where you tell them to do one thing and then they completely don't listen to you and do what they want instead. I kept trying to get them to dye my hair red which is its natural color, but my stylist liked blond better so the longer we lived there, the blonder it got. Also she wouldn't cut bangs. I now have bangs and I do not regret them. But I do regret the gray hair so I'll be hunting for a hairdresser. I think now I won't care if it's blond, but I really don't want it to turn out like this.

I love Theresa Caputo, but this hairdo is one of a kind and it would not look good on me. Or probably anyone else in America, but she's so nice, I think she pulls it off.

Husband says he is having a worse day than me because he has to leave me tomorrow. That's sweet, but it doesn't count because it is totally his fault. But really the parents of this 7 year old boy are having a worse day than me. They gave him a metal detector for Christmas and he found a big metal thing which he took home and washed and turned out to be this.

boy finds wwii bomb

In case you can't tell, that's a WWII era bomb. Luckily, it's a practice bomb which apparently the British RAF used for practice hitting targets and has no explosives in it. But still, the bomb squad had to come and everything and for several hours they must have wondered if the present they gave their son was going to kill them all. So thank you, British parents, for making me feel better about the tulle skirt I gave Child 3 which is in no danger of killing anyone, even though she swears it's to die for. I hope the next thing your son finds is a big bag of Roman coins which would be a whole lot more fun than finding a bomb. Also, it would pay for all the therapy you'll need after the bomb incident.

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