Monday, January 28, 2013

Bad Day 202--Ice is my best friend

Every day when I come home Child 2 asks me how my day at work was and pretty much every day I say it was long. Partly because I don't talk about my work and partly because that is how I feel about my days since Husband left for Afghanistan. But today she asked me how it was and I said "short!" because it was super short and that was fabulous. We had freezing rain arrive just in time for the morning commute so government was closed until 12 pm and we were told to stay off the roads until at least 10am so I did. I slept in and woke up at 8 when Husband called and I got to work at 11 and then I left at 3 because Child 1 and Child 2 had an orthodontist appointment. So a 4 hour work day is not bad at all. Thankfully, my car was in the garage so I didn't have to scrape the mirrors at all.

I had 15 minutes between when I got home and when I had to leave for the orthodontist so I quickly did some dishes and threw potatoes in the oven so that we could have baked potatoes for dinner because they are very popular with the children and I am tired of the whining about the new foods, although yesterday I made pork chops which I used to make all the time and had forgotten about and they swore I had never made them before and they completely had forgotten when we ate them all the time in China because pork was easy to find (although now I realize it was probably full of poison.) And they liked them! So pork chops will be on the menu again soon.

I talked to Sister 1 today and she is definitely having a worse day than me. I think I have the story right, but Nieces 1 & 2 and Nephew 1, feel free to comment and correct me if I got it wrong. A few weeks ago, their dishwasher broke and flooded the kitchen and they had to replace their kitchen floor and the ceiling to the laundry room which is directly below it. Oh, and they got a new dishwasher, too. It took a while for the floor to be put in. The new floor was a beautiful hardwood and looked like this.

Photo: New floors!

I think they finished it Saturday because Sister 1 said it was the prettiest floor in the whole city for a day. And then, the hot water intake pipe to their dishwasher broke and flooded their new floor and ceiling and dripped into the carpet on the first floor. So now, their new ceiling looks like this.

Photo: Say hello to our new laundry room ceiling. Its been an awesome weekend of water damage. #nofilter

Yep. The whole thing had to be ripped out. I am so sad for Sister 1 because it's much more than just a floor. It's also the disruption and that you can't use the kitchen and you have to move everything out and now the carpet padding has to be replaced, too and it was all the fault of the brand new dishwasher. So aggravating! So thank you, Sister 1, for sharing your pain with me and reminding me to be grateful that my dishwasher is on the 1st floor and our kitchen has tile floors and the last time we had a flood, I had a team of Chinese maintenance men who came at 5 in the morning and fixed the broken pipe and mopped everything up and then fixed the floors and re-painted. Sometimes, owning your own home is nice, but not when you have to fix everything yourself. So hang in there until next month when you come and visit me and we will shop all our troubles away.

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