Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad Day 189--The Zombie Queen is back.

I didn't sleep again last night, so today I drank two diet Dr. Peppers at my offsite meeting. I'm pretty sure while that kept me awake through some really long and boring presentations, I will probably not sleep again tonight. So I will drink more caffeine tomorrow and then I won't sleep again and it will never end and Husband will come home from Afghanistan to find I have lost. my. mind! OK, that might happen anyway, but it will happen sooner if I don't get any sleep.

I have had bouts of insomnia off and on all my life. Before I had children, I would just stay up late and watch TV or read trusting that I could take a nap later. After, the children arrived, napping was harder, but still doable so the occasional sleeplessness was again not an issue because I was in charge of the schedule (OK, really the children were in charge) and I could sneak in a nap during Arthur or Dragon Tales. But now, I am not in charge of the schedule at all and I still have to get up and go to work in the morning and I still have to come home and make dinner and then I have to help with homework and the pile of laundry to fold at the end of my bed is growing but I am too tired to fold it.

So I'm going to watch Downton Abbey and then go to bed early and probably not sleep. Oh, but first I'll get after Child 3 for not doing her homework. Sigh. I need a vacation. Unfortunately, my next one is a long, long way off. Maybe I'll just dream about going to the beach. If I can ever get any sleep.

This man in Las Vegas is having a worse day than me because he can get to sleep, but people keep waking him up to demand their phones back. Apparently, the cell phone tower behind his house gives a false signal to the "find my iPhone" app and makes people think he stole their phones.  So many have come to his house, that he put up this sign.

Lost Phone? Don't Blame Wayne Dobson (ABC News)

So thank you, Mr. Phone Unfinder, for reminding me to be grateful that there are no cell phone towers in my neighborhood. If I were you, I'd have a lawyer contact Apple. They at least owe you a software update, if nothing else for your time and trouble. I'm guessing you actually wouldn't want an iPhone.

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