Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bad Day 182--fashion disaster

I am blogging on my phone while I'm sitting in the middle school cafeteria wearing pink and purple converse. I have nothing against pink and purple converse per se, but they completely do not go with my outfit. I am wearing them because it is the night of Child 3's band concert and she forgot to bring black shoes. Luckily, her feet are almost as big as mine and I was wearing black shoes, so we traded. She is still young enough that this is sort of cool. She also forgot to tell me that she outgrew her black pants, so she borrowed Child 2's. And also Child 2's band shirt. Child 3 is very obviously the youngest and is used to being rescued. Maybe it's time for her to be a little more independent, but not if it's going to affect her only good grade besides theater.

Child 1 and Child 2 are at an ice skating party which is a good thing because if they were here, they would be complaining even though Child 3 has been to every single one of their concerts. It is hard being the youngest, and the middle, and the oldest. Let's face it, life isn't fair for anyone, especially children. Because I know that life isn't fair which made me angry when I was younger but these days makes me do things like wear my daughter's shoes and send Husband to Afghanistan.

This teenage mother is having a worse day than me.

She waxed her three year old daughter's eyebrows and then posted all about it and bragged how it made her feel like a good mother. And then everyone on the internet ragged on her, maybe rightly so. Because honestly, she's starting her daughter on a path to insecurity at a very young age. Maybe having had tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery herself after starring in a reality show has clouded her judgment. So thank you, teen mom, for reminding me that I think my children are beautiful just as they are and I wouldn't change a thing about them.

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