Friday, January 11, 2013

Bad Day 185--Why would I want to talk to people?

I met my new office mates from the office I'm switching to this summer and they are awesome. I'd forgotten what being in an office full of extroverts could be like. I'm currently in a office full of introverts. No, I'm not complaining. They are also wonderful and smart and wickedly funny. But they are quiet and it's taken a long time for them to open up but I'm in now and they actually come to my office to share jokes now and I'll be sad to leave. But my current office is very quiet. Extremely quiet. This new office is going to be loud and raucous and they eat lunch together instead of sitting at their desks with the door closed. I can't stand to eat at my desk, so I've been going to the cafeteria every day with my Kindle and hiding in a corner so I don't have to talk to the well-meaning people who feel sorry for me because I'm eating by myself because Husband is in Afghanistan and I have no office friends to eat with because they are all eating at their desks. Husband and I ate lunch together every day before he left. It's something we've always done since I joined the Department and it's rather like having a lot of dates and a luxury I never had when I was home with the children and he was at work.

I started working and actually spent more time with Husband than ever and it was great. But now he's not here and I'm lonely so I do what I did when I was studying Chinese in China before I met the hot Italian guy and the cute Japanese businessman whom I thereafter had lunch with every day and Husband wasn't jealous because he doesn't get jealous, even after I invited the hot Italian guy and the cute Japanese businessman to our house for dinner. Sometimes we were joined by a Swiss priest and we used to laugh that we were the beginning of a joke: An Italian student, a Swiss priest, a Japanese businessman, and an American diplomat walk into a bar. . . . The punchline was that we were all studying Chinese and we didn't know each other's real names, just the Chinese ones our teachers gave us, which made it more fun. But anyway, before the hot Italian guy started eating lunch with me, I would bring a book to work and read during my lunch hour and that is what I do now. Only it's a Kindle so I never have to worry about finishing the book in the middle of lunch and having nothing to read.

But anyway, back to my new office mates, they seem like a lot of fun and they always eat together and there is no weekend duty and no Blackberry. I don't know what I did to please the gods so that I got two fabulous jobs in DC in a row, but I'm very grateful and in the envious position of really loving the job that I'm in and not wanting to leave and also really looking forward to the new one. This may be the only time that ever happens to me, so I'm savoring every minute of it. If only Husband were here, it would be perfect.

This male model is having a worse day than me.


OK, first, what?! And second, is this his own failed construction project? Because that is actually an idea I might get behind. If men had to dress in the remnants of woodworking or furniture building projects that they never finished, then maybe there would be fewer unfinished projects. (I'm still waiting for that changing table, Husband!) But I suspect this is actually an homage to Les Mis and the barricade on his face is meant to be ironic which really means it is moronic. So thank you, barricaded fashion model, for reminding me that fashion is fun and it is OK if I laugh out loud at this ridiculous get-up because it makes me very happy for my pretty gray winter hat I bought in Belgium. I think the hot Italian guy would approve. He was quite the fashion plate and not even a little bit gay. Sigh. So wasted on Husband who is still not jealous.

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