Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bad Day 191--Things I will never eat again

I'm in mourning today. I had a hard time finding anything to eat at lunch. There was no meat of any kind that wasn't breaded or sauced or crumbed. It was so frustrating. So I had mashed potatoes and cheese and artichoke hearts. It was not the best lunch. It was fun because I got to chat with my friend "Jennifer", but it wasn't delicious. Then I made dinner which was yummy soup, but I didn't feel like eating it. The children who were awake loved it, so it was a hit, but it still wasn't the same. Also, the pickiest of the eaters was taking a nap and I never got her thumbs up or down. So here is my list of things that I will miss that I will never eat again which makes me really sad to think about. And please don't suggest a substitute or gluten-free version because they are just not the same. Some things cannot be replaced.

  1. Kentucky fried chicken
  2. Papa John's pizza
  3. chocolate cake
  4. brownies
  5. chocolate chip cookies
  6. Thin Mints
  7. Samoas
  8. KitKats (do you sense a theme here?)
  9. Homemade chicken noodle soup with the big fat wide egg-noodles that I love
  10. dumplings
  11. gnocchi
  12. bowtie pasta
  13. baguettes
  14. banana bread (especially the kind with chocolate chips)
  15. that yummy green bean casserole with the french fried onions on top
  16. lobster bisque
  17. Ritz crackers
  18. popcorn shrimp
  19. dinner rolls
  20. kung pao chicken
  21. apple pie
  22. quiche
  23. croissants
  24. pain au chocolat
  25. fried cheese
I could go on and on. Yesterday, at my off-site meeting they served freshly baked cookies and they smelled so good and all I could do was smell and look at them. And for the first time I felt really pathetic. I realize that eating brownies is not worth it because of the way I will feel after, but tonight, what I wouldn't give to eat just one more. I miss the smell of brownies fresh from the oven. But mostly, I miss the taste and the texture. I'm going to go wallow in self pity and cry myself to sleep. I don't even have Husband here to hold me and tell me it will be OK and I can live without brownies. Can a person live without brownies? What if they are essential to well-being? I'm doomed! Doomed!

This software developer is having a worse day than me. He outsourced his job to Chinese software coders so that he could spend the day surfing Reddit and watching cat videos. Seriously. Cat videos. His company started investigating when they noticed someone in China connecting to their network every day. He had even sent his network key to them.

Outsourcing your own job is never a good idea because now the company knows, they've decided they don't need him any longer. Also, he lost his security clearance and is never going to get another good reference. So thank you Mr. Outsourcer, for reminding me to be grateful I'm not addicted to cat videos and especially grateful that my job cannot be outsourced, and also, I love it. I wish people would stop bringing in cookies and donuts, though. Donuts! I forgot about those. I miss Krispy Kreme. Sigh.


  1. I'm not the pickiest. I LIKED YOUR EGG SOUP

  2. Ahh. Hang in there friend. And you totally get to cry. Some days are just tough. Especially when the GF thing is new. Sending you a big old hug. Love ya

  3. will give you some hope - and wonderful recipes. Pam who writes this blog has a gluten free baking business and is one of the best cooks I know. I can eat wheat but I would choose her food over any other. (I had forgotten my google name - Patton is my dog - I don't have a thing about the general...)

  4. Hey Jen,
    I am so sorry about your sad day. I highly suggest you look into doing the GAPS diet. It sounds like you are a prime candidate. It is is a grain free diet that is temporary, not forever. It will allow your gut lining to heal so you can one day eat wheat again. See