Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bad Day 56--Goodbye again

Husband left to go back to Afghanistan, and I packed for him again. Honestly, for someone who travels as much as he does, how on earth has he not learned how to pack? I managed to fit in the extra cargo pants and shirts we bought, along with the 100% cotton barn jacket. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a warm jacket not made of fleece or polyester? But we did and he took it with him because I figured out how to fold it so it fit in his luggage.

This time wasn't as hard as the last time. Maybe we're getting used to it, or maybe we're all just in denial. It was an amazing visit and it wasn't tense at all. At the beginning, when he came home, Child 1 asked God in her prayer to make it seem like he was home forever, and I think it worked because he was here for almost three weeks, but it felt like it was longer--in a good way, not in a bad way.

Today was also the first day of school, which was just awesome timing that Husband had to leave today, but at least the girls were distracted for a little bit. Now we just have to deal with all the paper and schedule changes and lunch cards and bus stops and back to school nights and everything that goes with the beginning of the school year. Our schools are incredibly organized and kindly sent out packets of material three weeks ago which I promptly lost. Thankfully, I didn't throw them away, and I've found them, along with a big note that says they were supposed to be signed and returned with the students today. Oh well. Child 2 said, "I can just play the distracted parent because my Dad is in Afghanistan card." Oh she knows me so well. But I fear that even if Husband weren't in Afghanistan, I still may have dropped the ball because I am generally disorganized and distracted but now I am also emotional on top of that, so maybe it's OK to blame Afghanistan after all. But I just looked through the packets and there are like 800 pages of forms in there! Aggravating.

And the eyeglasses that Husband ordered for Child 2 and Child 3 came in today so after we went to fill the 6'2" hole that Husband left behind with Arby's sandwiches and curly fries (there is not enough food in the world to fill it, but sometimes it helps temporarily,) we picked them up and they are awesome. They totally make up for the baby blue fake Mickey Mouse ones that he got the last time he went alone to get glasses for the children. Child 2 has super cool blue iridescent oblong glasses, and Child 3 has pink rectangular Ray Bans.  Child 3 is convinced that they make her look super smart, and is planning lots of outfits to go with them.

Today, Kelly Rutherford  from "Gossip Girl" is having a worse day than me and I feel really terrible for her. No, truly, I do. A judge in California incomprehensibly is sending her children to France because her ex-husband got deported and that is where he lives now. Never mind that the children have never lived in France and Kelly has no basis for a resident visa and child custody laws generally tend to rule in favor of the child's habitual home, which in this case is California. It's a horrible, horrible decision and I hope that someone remedies it soon. So Kelly, thank you for reminding me to be grateful that my own children are safe and sound at home with me.

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