Monday, September 24, 2012

Bad Day 76--Too good to be true?

I was all set to buy a car today. We went to a dealer that we thought we could trust who found us a car in our price range which is pretty low. I know people who have purses that they spent more on than we want to on a car. We test drove it, wrote down the VIN so we could look it up, and were so ready to buy it tomorrow. And the VIN doesn't exist. It's wrong, even though we double checked it. So now, tomorrow, I get to call back the dealer and explain that we really don't want a stolen car, so please give us the right VIN and if we can't find it, we're not buying it. Why is buying a cheap car so hard? Put this on the list of things I'm mad at Husband for sticking me with. He was supposed to take care of this when he was home for three weeks doing I don't know what because I still bought the school supplies and painted the trim in the bathroom. Hmph!

I'm in hot water for yesterday's post about fashion. I am under strict orders to tell you that the hoodie in question is super cute, that no one told Child 2 not to wear her hoodie in the picture, and you can all read Child 1's own words in her comment on Bad Day 75. I will never be forgiven, ever, because I didn't say that she no longer dresses like a 4 year old. She also didn't appreciate my observation that nobody dresses like they did at age four or fashion would be a lot more pink. But apparently I have children who like to micromanage because they want me to write about them, but they want to have final say in what I write. Sorry children, that is the way with media. If you want to be famous, you can't have control over what the press says about you, or in this case, your mother. Seriously, do I ever write what you want me to?

This boy Ricky is having a worse day than me and it's breaking my heart. Bullying is a serious issue here in the US. I really hope that it's not wherever you are. The fact that children can be so mean without consequence is wrong. So in solidarity with Ricky, here is my show of support.

Thank you, Ricky, for reminding me that what is really important isn't what everyone thinks of us, it's who we are on the inside that matters, and who you are appears to be pretty courageous.

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  1. In response to Child 1 feeling like no one wants to dress like they did when they were four, I'll have to disagree. I had awesome hair when I was four. So I reverted back to the look not long ago. And I looked good. Also the 90s are coming back, I'm just saying...

    -Niece 1