Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bad Day 68--I moan. I drag my tail. I walk alone.

For those of you familiar with Dr. Seuss, today was a purple day. For those of you who don't know who Dr. Seuss is because you've been in a time capsule or outer space, or are completely unfamiliar with American children's literature--purple days are not good. But I learned a few things today--most importantly that I have awesome children, although I did already know that.

So last week, you may remember, Child 2 and Child 3 together decided to bake something for me as a surprise. It turned out to be peanut butter cookies, some of which were delicious, and some of which were rather black and inedible. However, the non-burned ones were quite yummy and they did a really good job, although not so much at cleaning up afterward. But still, it was very sweet of them, literally.

Today, because I was having a purple day, I spent most of it in bed. I had planned a yummy dinner which I had bought all the ingredients to make, but because I was purple, I just left it all in the fridge and took a nap instead. The children, realizing that dinner might be up to them, decided to make a party for me. Child 1 made a delicious home-made soup which was the perfect dinner for my migraine-induced nausea, and Children 2 and 3 decorated the kitchen with signs about how much they loved me and put flowers from the garden on my placemat and gave me a present which they found in the gift drawer. It was lovely and touching and a perfect reminder that I'm not in this alone. Whoever raised them did a darn good job. :-)

Then Sister 2 called and I chatted with her while I tried to make blonde brownies because I am allergic to chocolate and we are still trying to find a substitute for brownies which I am pretty sure we will never find because nothing is like a brownie. It was fun to talk to her even though I know she was only calling because she felt guilty. But I'll take it. I think I may have missed a step or two while chatting because the blondies turned out like goo. The looked lovely on the top, but they were positively goopey underneath. We ate them in bowls with spoons anyway, and they were pretty good with melted vanilla ice-cream on top. Sometimes a cooking failure is still edible. I made a breakfast casserole once that the children have named "breakfast glop" because once the potatoes had thawed before I started frying them and they were very mushy, but it was still delicious and we still call the casserole "glop." I don't know if we'll repeat this blondie recipe, though.

Bob-bob the cat is having a worse day than me. Apparently he didn't want his owner to go away without him, so he stowed away in the suitcase that was loaded onto the plane and arrived in Orlando pretty shaken. My favorite part about the story is that the baggage handler saw the bag moving, but loaded it anyway. I hope he has a more comfortable ride back. That is one loyal cat. If The Dog ever tried to stow away in my suitcase I would know, mostly because she is very loud, but also because when I opened the bag, all my shoes would be chewed to bits.

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