Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bad Day 61--So not a good day

I have mentioned that I cry a lot lately. I mean a lot. I would like to not burst into tears every time anyone asks me how I am, but apparently this is not in my near future. So all you well meaning people, stop asking how I am unless you really, really want to know because I am incapable of giving you the answer you want (fine!, and how are you?) and I will start sobbing right in front of you because I. am. not. fine! My husband is in Afghanistan. How did you think I was doing?

Oh, and also, well-meaning people who really are clueless, the fact that my husband is not here does not mean I have extra time on my hands waiting for you to fill with a project or two. It means I have less time. Much less time because I am only one parent filling the role of two and by the way, their father is in Afghanistan, so there is a lot of hand holding I need to do.

So, based on the above, you can tell how my day went. But a couple of good things happened in spite of all the well-meaning people determined to ruin my day. First the electricity finally came on. It came on briefly at 12:00 for just long enough to fry my alarm clock which now no longer works. Then it went off again, but it came back on at 5:45 for what we hope is for good. Yes, I know the pioneers had no electricity and no cars and walked across the United States with no shoes (stupid well-meaning people again) but in case you hadn't noticed, I am not a pioneer and have been raised with things like electricity and listen, if you plunked a pioneer down in my life, they would have no idea how to fix the internet connection when it goes down, or to drive the kids around in my car, or to turn on the stove for that matter, so please! Stop saying I'm a wimp because I enjoy electricity. Does this woman look particularly happy to you? I bet she would have loved to have an electric oven that doesn't use buffalo chips for fuel which had to have been the worst way to cook food ever. Enjoying not cooking food by burning dung is not wimpy, it's normal.

So once it came back on and I could check e-mail, I had one from my friend "Cate" that was really nice and offered us the use of her camera, which was both thoughtful and helpful, but unnecessary because I actually found the camera in a place Husband never told me to look. But I loved the e-mail because she neither gave me advice nor chastised me for not writing her which I should have done a long time ago. That is a good friend.

And lastly, the children (perhaps appalled that I started sobbing again during dinner) have been extremely sweet. Child 1 fixed the garage door which wouldn't work after the power outage, and Child 2 and Child 3 are downstairs baking something by themselves which doesn't involve chocolate because they want to surprise me. I'm a little frightened because they keep asking me things like how do you preheat the oven, and what is shortening, and can you use butter instead of margarine (yes, you can and should). So we'll see. But however it tastes, I'm sure it will make me cry.

This man in Idaho is having a worse day than me. In an effort to save a little money, he thought that buying crystal meth in bulk was a great idea and tried to get his friends to go in on a large purchase with him. The problem is, he actually sent a text to a narcotics officer who promptly set up a meet and then arrested him. So thank you, clueless Idahoan. I'm sorry you're in jail, but I'm really glad that I have never been dumb enough to take drugs, let alone text a police officer about my intent.

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