Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bad Day 78--Not exactly black tie

Husband is in Kabul at a conference, but it's not like any conference I've ever heard of. He has to bring a sleeping bag because they will be sleeping on the floor. For those of you who think that diplomats only attend cocktail parties and always get fancy accommodations, here is proof that we don't. Sorry Husband. We didn't think to send the air mattress with you. I hope you get some sleep.

I am exhausted and in my normal zombie state because I stayed up late last night waiting for Husband to Skype, and of course he didn't because he was having too much fun partying with his friends in Kabul. See the problem with Afghanistan, OK one of the problems with Afghanistan besides that Husband has a lot of friends there is that it is 9 1/2 hours time difference from the East Coast. Yes, you read that right-- 9 1/2. 1/2! Seriously, why the 1/2? It's like they're saying we're not like Pakistan, so no to that time zone and we don't want to be confused with Iran, so we'll just pick something in between. So people of Afghanistan, one thing you could do for me besides not kill my husband is fix your time zone! It is always so hard to figure out what time it is and I am constantly opening the world clock because it's the only way to know for sure if I got it right. But apparently last night, it didn't matter because Husband was too busy chatting to notice how late it was getting here.

Babe, if you're reading this, I'm not waiting up late for you to Skype anymore. It's killing me and I mean that literally. I think this zombieism has taken a couple of years off my life.

I'm too sleepy to write much more, so I'll get right to the bad days.

These students in Kansas are having a worse day than me because apparently they don't like vegetables. See, new rules limit the amount of food kids get when they buy lunch and the children of Kansas are complaining that they are all hungry. So hungry that they should be given cake and fried chicken to eat.

So very funny, children of Kansas, but I'm on to you. You have a couple of options. First, the cafeteria will gladly give you extra helpings of vegetables and fruit so you won't be so hungry. And second, you can do what my very smart children do which is pack your own darn lunch! But kudos on the cute video.

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