Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad Day 63--I remember.

I'm sitting waiting for Child 1 to be done with one of her many activities, so I'm typing on my phone again. It's going rather slowly because the auto correct keeps guessing wrong. It just thought that "early" was  "deathly".  I'm a half hour deathly (appropriate, no?) because that is what happens when I am in charge of everything all by myself with no help which happened all the time even before Husband left for Afghanistan. At least we didn't miss the plane for Australia this time which we totally did once and really stunk. But now when the children say it was the worst day ever I say did you miss your flight to Sydney? Next year I will also say, oh when did your father leave for Afghanistan? But right now I can't use that because Husband is there and that does make every day a bad day.

Today had its ups and downs. I got about three hours of sleep last night so I'm in zombie mode again. But the Hawaiian food truck was there for lunch so I got to have a plate lunch and that makes any day better. For those of you unfamiliar with plate lunches, they are a Hawaiian staple and the best ones include roast pork, cabbage, and macaroni salad. I got hooked on them when Husband was stationed in Honolulu for a month and we tagged along for the best month of my life. Ever. There were only two children then and one of them didn't talk but she could say "cheese" by the time we left because every Japanese girl on Oahu took a photo of her. I took a leave of absence from my job and my only responsibilities were applying sunscreen and deciding between the beach and the pool--exactly the opposite of now. No wonder I'm so stressed because my life is nothing like a beach.

Today, lots of people are having a worse day than me because they are remembering the worst day in our recent memory. It was the day that changed everything and is the reason Husband is in Afghanistan while it is a war zone. I remember where I was when I heard the news. Husband called me from Tokyo which was a good thing because I then spent the rest of the day telling everyone we knew when they all called that no he wasn't working at the Pentagon any more even though he had been working there the previous month. So today I am grateful that he is in Afghanistan because it means he was safe on 9/11/2001. My thoughts and prayers tonight are with the families and loved ones of those who weren't.

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