Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad Day 192--It's time to go our separate ways. . .

Tonight, all the children went off to different activities with friends, so I went to dinner with Artemis. I'm pretty sure that this is only the beginning of years of Friday nights without the children. It's strange because I am certain that yesterday they were 8, 6, and 2. I keep telling them not to grow, but they won't listen to me. They are very disobedient children and must be punished by as many hugs and kisses as possible until they yell at me to stop. Although I know they secretly love it. Child 3 reached out today and held my hand which melted my heart immediately.

But back to dinner. I found out that one of my favorite Thai restaurants has a gluten-free menu which basically is just a list of dishes that don't have gluten, so we went there and ate really spicy papaya salad and it was delicious, and I'm not feeling sick at all. We also had a fun time catching up and then I took her home and we chatted with Adonis until it was time for the children to begin arriving home. We also made plans for future outings which will include watching Les Mis together and Artemis helping me stalk Tony Mendez. OK, not stalk really but visit his gallery. Artemis is also an artist, so I suspected she would be up for that.

But before I hang out with Artemis again, I'm going to do this really cool experiment with a magnet, some breakfast cereal and water. Because they are still children after all and mushing up breakfast cereal to find the iron in it is something they might still think is cool. For a minute anyway, until they are completely grown up which will be tomorrow sometime in the afternoon I think.

Child 1 says this couple in Africa is having a worse day than me. They look so happy in this picture, don't they?

What you can't see is that first, the reason they were so close to the rhinos is because their guide told them to move closer, and second, that rhino on the right with the especially pointy horn is about to charge. It actually gored the woman who was taken to the hospital with pretty awful injuries. Thankfully, they were not fatal, but I'm sensing a lawsuit in the future. So thank you, Ms. Target, for reminding me to be grateful that the water buffalo we took pictures with in the hills of Vietnam were completely tame and let Child 2 pet them without charging. And if I am ever lucky enough to go on safari in Africa, I will definitely not listen to the game park owner if he tells me to scooch a little closer to the lions. And I hope he reimburses you for the trip as well as pays for your medical bills.


  1. Having been on safari in S Africa where this happened many times, I can guarantee you this was a rogue guide. Every guide I ever encountered was ridiculously strict about staying in the vehicles at all times and not putting any part of your body out the window even. So glad she will be okay.

  2. After we stalk Tony, shall we stalk a rhino? We can paint it with unicorn glitterfluff and bring it home to Child#3.

    Love ya, Babe,