Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bad Day 58--I'm going to start the Zombie Apocalypse

I. am. so. tired! I've got to get some sleep. Husband has been gone for three whole days and I think I've had a total of 5 hours of sleep altogether. It's going to kill me. So tonight I am taking the heavy duty stuff. If you see me driving in my sleep, flag me down and make me pull over before I drive into the ocean because I'm sure I'll be on my way to Afghanistan to pick up Husband.

But I can't go to sleep yet because the children still have homework and I need to help them. Homework, I'm convinced, is the school's evil plan to ensure that I never ever have a life until the children graduate from college. So call me in about 15 years if you want to go have dinner. Tonight was Back to School night at the middle school and they told us that not only will the kids have homework every single night, they will have 1 1/2 hours of it. I suppose this is a step up from when we lived in China and Child 1 was in 5th grade and was doing 4 hours of homework every night so we told the school it was killing us and we couldn't afford a tutor and they said nope, that was an appropriate level and we hated that school.

I am so sleepy that when the staff assistant to a VIP called me this morning, I said "which office are you from?" She got a little testy, but to be fair, I am the Uest of VUPs and nobody important ever calls me. My phone rang 4 times to day and 3 times it was Husband or the children. So why would I ever expect a VIP to need something from me?

Today, two very little girls in France are having a worse day than me. I can't imagine anything worse than watching your whole family slaughtered in front of you. So please send prayers and good thoughts their way, especially for the sister who was shot three times.

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  1. Brains. I want BRAINZZZZ...