Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bad Day 77--This had better be worth it!

I am now the owner of an old Volvo. We finally got the right VIN and looked up the Carfax and everything looked good, so we bought the cheap car. It doesn't smell like fish and the salesman was very nice, didn't pressure us, and gave us a great price on it, so it's ours. And all it took to insure it was one phone call, and since it's a cheap car, the insurance really wasn't that much. So it's done! Everything except going to the DMV, but since we can go to the little office here in town, I have high hopes that it won't be like last time I went to the DMV which took around 5 hours over two different days and when I left, they told me I had a license, but actually I didn't and when I called from Korea to complain that they only sent me a copy of the license I already had which was expiring which was why I was trying to renew it in the first place, they canceled it! I hate the DMV. I actually had to invoke "why do I pay thousands of dollars in taxes to this state for nothing" and "I guess I'll just have to call my representative and let him know how you don't support state residents" before they agreed to give me back my license and renew it for the proper amount of time. Seriously hate the DMV.

But at least we have the car and now I don't have to be in two places at once, and I can send Child 1 on errands, which was the evil plan all along. Bwaahaaahaaaa! (That was an evil laugh.) Little does she know that this car comes with strings like buying groceries, taking her sisters to Girl Scouts, and dropping the dog off at the vet. But she can handle it because it also means she can go hang out with friends on the weekend and I don't have to drive her! So a good thing all in all.

Tonight, Artemis "kidnapped" Child 2 and Child 3 and fed them dinner and entertained them. They had a blast, and it allowed me to concentrate on the car purchase without worrying about cooking dinner when I got home. And she even said she wanted to do it again in a few weeks! Artemis is a saint, that's what she is and the children love her, so it's a win-win for me.

This Canadian father is having a worse day than me. See, he wrote a blog about how his older son is his favorite, and he wasn't joking! I can't imagine hurting your child that way. Even if you are a bad parent and have a favorite, at least pretend to be a good father and keep it to yourself!

Now, I want to go on the record and say that I love each of my children differently because they are each unique, but I love them all equally desperately more than life itself and I cannot imagine life without each one and every time they leave the house, I hold my breath a little bit because I am always a little terrified that something will take them away from me. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to handle the leaving the nest part at all well. Now, my lovely children--quit arguing about who is the favorite and go to bed. You are all my favorite children in the whole world and I am very lucky to be your mother. Will one of you please come hug me?


  1. Actually, the visit was quite productive. The serfs scrubbed the floors, swept out both chimneys, and cleaned the gutters (up on a high, high ladder.) My plan for the next stint is to have them clear the dead old ivy off the front wall, where it's stuck just too far away from the second floor window for me to risk grabbing it myself.

    Maybe if they work well, next time we'll actually allow them some bread and water when they're finished.


  2. See, Child 3? I told you I wasn't mom's favorite!
    -Child 2

  3. My brother once gave gave a Christmas present to Sister 1 labeled "from your favorite child". She was having trouble thinking of a witty comeback that wouldn't insult one of us.

    -Niece 2