Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bad Day 270--Enough already!

Even Husband said today was a bad, bad day. I had to turn off facebook because I kept getting status updates about all the horror. But thank you to everyone who checked in with me and especially Artemis who managed to make me laugh, after I stopped crying, of course.

 Everyone in the Department is devastated by the loss of a wonderful young Foreign Service Officer who had her whole life ahead of her and was killed while trying to deliver school supplies to help children in need. We lost five other Americans today, and another FSO was gravely injured. For their families, today is the worst day; the day that changes everything after which nothing will ever be the same. I can only imagine what it is like for them because I don't know, and I won't pretend that I do. But my heart hurts for them and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

I can't be funny today. I am too stressed and too scared and too sad. May tomorrow be a better day for us all. Now I'm going to go watch The Muppet Movie with the children because I need something light and cheerful and full of rainbows.

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