Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bad Day 289--Let's celebrate leave your children at home day instead

First, Child 2 wants everyone to know that she made dinner last night and it was very creative. She made hamburger pie which is really meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top. The recipe is gluten-free because you make it with potato flakes instead of bread-crumbs. It is my grandmother's recipe and it is awesome and we put cheese on top. When Child 2 made it last night, she put the cheese on in the form of a smiley face. Then she held up the pie and said "it's dinner, and it's happy to see ya!" About 20 times, but it's still funny. If you know Child 2 at all, then you know that 1. that is a line from Mulan, and 2. she played the part of Mushu in the play a couple of years ago and she was great! A natural comedienne, that girl.

Today was "Take our children to work day" so of course I left mine at home. Child 3 went last year and it was fun, but this year, I just couldn't see trying to get everyone ready to leave the house at 6:45 and my office only has one chair and two people would have had to sit on the floor and then I would have had to listen to I'm bored, when are we getting smoothies, isn't there anything fun to do in this place, why do you have to work, can I watch youtube? All day long. So I didn't bring them. Next year, when Husband is here and we can double team them, maybe we'll participate. But this year? Nah. Also, I had real work I needed to do, so it was not a convenient day. And it was a bad day at work because the bad news kept pouring in and it would not have been good for the children to watch me crying at my desk.

Tonight, I left the children on their own and went to dinner with friends. Child 3 heated up some barbecue chicken to eat (on a gluten-free bun, of course) and made a lovely dinner for herself and her sisters, while I chatted and ate Venezuelan food. It was so much fun. I forget what it is like to speak with grown-ups during a meal and these ladies are all extremely smart and funny and entertaining. It was fun and reminds me that I need to get out of the house more. Also, I need the distraction.

My friend "Daphne" whom I swore I gave a pseudonym to before but I can't remember it, alerted me to this stalker in Utah who is having a worse day than me. First, he is a stalker so he is crazy and deserves everything he got. But second, he picked the wrong girl because people had her back! When he attacked her she pressed her panic button and sprayed him with pepper spray, then a 75 year old woman started beating him with a baseball bat. Then her neighbor, who is also a martial arts instructor, came at him with a sword. This is a picture of the swordsman with the sword.

The stalker ended up turning himself in, probably because he was afraid of all the brave people with weapons. I so want to live in that neighborhood! I'm not sure my neighbors would know if I were being attacked, but then I have The Dog to keep people away and she does a pretty good job. But thank you, Stupid Stalker, for reminding me to be grateful that I have never and will never work with you. Security background checks are good for something after all! And to those awesome bat and sword wielding neighbors, you can move into my neighborhood any time. There are a few houses for sale. Give me a call!


  1. I thought taking my 4 year old to work with me (at a high school) was a great and fun idea until he started whining 5 minutes in that he wanted to sit on my lap. But then some crazy person called in a bomb threat and we had to evacuate and hang out on the soccer field for hours, where my son was able to roll in the dirt and throw rocks. So I think it was a success in his book.

  2. That dinner would be happy to see me, I promise!