Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bad Day 291--Can you be so busy you forget to be tired?

So today started at 7:30 am and is just now ending at 11:45 pm and I am so tired I'm not even sure what my name is let alone what I did all day. I have vague memories of weeding (in a park), going to a farmer's market, making up a new recipe for chicken salad that involved apples and grapes and leftover barbecue chicken from Child 3's dinner last night (she ate one bite), shopping, mailing boxes and boxes and boxes of school supplies to Afghanistan (finally!), making chili, and driving Child 2 back and forth to a dance that she just had to go to which was 1/2 hour away. Oh, and I also walked the dog and went grocery shopping and did some dishes. I'm not sure I showered, but I did brush my teeth so I suppose that's good.

I am sunburned (from the weeding even though I put on sunscreen), have blisters (from wearing sandals because the weather was so warm), and completely exhausted. I have no idea how we accomplished so much in one day, but maybe it was because the day looked like this.

In my rare moments of down time, I talked to Husband, chatted with Husband's parents who forgave me for dragging them all over the state on my errands, and looked up Husband's address on Google Maps. We can sort of see where he lives, but we don't know which building he is in. Google Maps is awesome and really, really scary. Funny, though, there are no street views of his town in Afghanistan. Wonder why?

Apparently anyone taking a taxi to the airport in Las Vegas is having a worse day than me. It looks like riding in a taxi in Vegas would be a lot of fun, and the strip is a lot longer than it looks and riding in a taxi is way better than walking on asphalt in 100 degree weather.

But what's bad about Vegas taxis is that they like to meander on their way to the airport and a legislative audit says they overcharged tourists by about $15 million last year. Yes. 15 million. Dollars. American. I guess they figure everyone is so drunk they won't notice or too unfamiliar with Nevada geography to realize they went to the airport by way of Arizona. So thank you, Vegas Taxi Drivers, for making me very grateful that I don't have to rely on you to get to the airport. Every time we've gone to Vegas, we drove ourselves and I think we'll just continue with that trend because apparently what stays in Vegas is actually your money and I would like to keep mine, thank you.

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