Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bad Day 284--She sounds hideous! Well, she's a guy, so. . .

My favorite commercial is back on TV and I am so happy about it. We giggle every time. Marketing genius, whoever came up with that idea. Uhh, khakis?

I got up at 5 am on a Saturday to take Child 2 to the bus for her band trip to New York which she didn't want to go on and didn't set her alarm on purpose so she might miss the bus. But, ha ha! I did set my alarm, so she went. And of course, she is having an awesome time. The thing you have to know about Child 2 is that she doesn't like to go on overnights which is why we have so many sleepovers at our house. But I also knew that once she got on the bus with her friends, she would have a great time and I was completely right. I expect to hear all about how amazingly cool NY is if she ever calls, which she hasn't.

While Child 2 parties it up in the Big Apple, the rest of us went shopping and two of us came home completely demoralized. Pat of the problem was we picked the wrong mall and it didn't have very many good stores, and part of it is that I no longer have a store that I can go in and buy without trying on because who knows what size I am? And it is not just British designers that are out to get me anymore. No, now it's the Gap. I bought a pair of jeans in Old Navy and then I went into the Gap to try on the same size and I couldn't even button them. So. Very. Frustrating! You would think that since they are both owned by the same company that they would have consistent sizing, but no. That would not be the case. So now I have to try things on which means I will buy a lot less because as you know, I hate trying things on because I am allergic to dressing room mirrors and lights. And also now Gap pants. Mind the Gap! Seriously, they are in league with the British fashion industry. This is why I have lots of handbags and shoes. Maybe I should just stick to shoes.

This state senator from Missouri is having a worse day than me.

One of his constituents somehow got on his e-mail newsletter list and didn't want to be on it. So he asked to be taken off, in a not exactly nice way. OK. A kind of mean way, but still, what he said (Take me off your mailing list. Freak.) did not deserve the rant he received back. First, this elected politician accused his constituent of being a troll and getting on the mailing list to cause trouble. Then, he called him names, disparaged his intellect, and made fun of his beard. Seriously? This guy wants people to vote for him, so he doesn't write a nice letter thanking the constituent for his e-mail and apologizing for bothering him with the newsletter? He is actually mean and petty and immature? OK, then. He was so rude that his constituent sent the entire exchange to the newspaper, who promptly printed it because it was too good not to share. So good luck with your next election, Mr. State Senator, and thank you for reminding me that emails are forever, especially when they are printed in the newspaper. Seriously, not the best move for an elected official.

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