Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bad Day 275--Hi Mom!

Mom is here and I got texts from Sisters 1 & 2 tonight, so I am feeling extra loved. Also, Husband misses me. I could tell because he sent me plaintive e-mails yesterday while I was in training lamenting that he couldn't reach me. If he were here, I would probably have been annoyed that he didn't remember I wasn't in my office, but since he is in Afghanistan, he gets bonus points for loving me so much that he can't stand not reaching me when he wants to. We are all counting down the days until he comes home again, which we just discovered might not be as soon as we wanted him to because he doesn't have as many leave days as we thought. Ugh.

Today was an uneventful day. I did all the usual work things and had a baked potato for lunch like always. Some friends sent me their EERs to look over, which I am happy to do because they looked over mine. I was all feeling like I was behind because I just got it to my rater, but then Husband hasn't even finished his own part yet, so that made me feel better. He kind of has an excuse given all the drama of the past week, but still, I'm not as far behind as I thought and given that I like to be early, as I've mentioned before, I am right on time.

My dirty little secret is that I used to be a procrastinator in high school. I would put everything off until the last minute and kidded myself that I worked better under pressure. My freshman year in college, I was famous for pulling all-nighters because I had a paper/test/project/presentation due the next day.

Then by my junior year, I decided that I hated all-nighters and I couldn't take the stress anymore, so what if I just did things early and then I could avoid the stress, and I decided that was a much better way to go and I raised my GPA by a few 10ths of a point and got a scholarship because of it. So that's how I've been ever since, only I married a procrastinator and gave birth to two. Maybe someday they will appreciate my strategy, but I'm not sure they ever will. However, even though Child 2 got her optimism from Husband, she gets her early-birdism from me and I hardly ever have to remind her to do her homework and she has a  lot of free time to play video games and it totally annoys her sisters, which I think, to be honest, she plays up a little on purpose. Maybe she is my child after all!

This girl in England is having a worse day than me.

Or actually, a worse 13 years than me. You see, she has only eaten Ramen noodles for 13 years. She started when she was 5 and now that is all she will eat. She is so picky that she won't eat out and she is malnourished and her doctor says she has the health of an 80 year old. She can't stand vegetables or fruit. I mean, honestly, how can she not have at least wanted to try a chocolate bar, or a brownie, or a scone, or ice cream? Or blueberries or ripe cherries or mango or dragonfruit? All these delicious things in the world she could eat that I can't and yet she chooses Ramen on purpose every day for every meal. So thank you, picky girl, for reminding me that although I will never have another brownie ever again, I can have a berry-berry smoothie whenever I like, which might be right now, if only I had a good blender. OK, not whenever I want, but sometimes when I go out for smoothies, and that is better than never at all.


  1. Hey Jennifer,

    I was tipped off about your blog so I'll be sure to follow. I think I've seen your husband once, but he doesn't really know who I am.

    We're counting down our bad days here (and they're all bad to differing degrees.) I think we have around 120 or so left, but about 30 of those will be spent on leave and another 20 mentally checked out so it isn't all bad.

    1. Hey Shawn! Who outed my blog? But I'm glad you're reading it, even though it can't come close to being as funny as your emotions meme which I think is still hanging up on the board in 6510. Tell my husband hello if you see him and enjoy every single minute of your leave. I was so jealous of your Africa trip.