Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bad Day 288--Is it bedtime yet?

I was in my pajamas before 7:00 pm, and today was a pretty good day at work. It's just that I constantly feel like I've been run over by a stampede of caribou and those sharp, pointy hooves hurt! Not to mention the antlers. OK, I've never actually been trampled by reindeer, but I can imagine and I definitely know what it's like to feel bone-weary because my bones hurt. And my back, and my head, and my feet, etc., etc., etc. I'm not sure why I am so tired, but it might have something to do with having the weight of the world on my shoulders. Atlas would be grateful that he isn't as weary as I am at this moment.

I am in bed shopping for groceries, which is the best way to shop ever, while Child 2 makes dinner and Child 3 does the dishes. I am supervising from my bedroom. It's awesome having teenagers for children and having responsible children in general because it makes it so much easier to just let everything go, which I am. The house is a mess. The Dog needs a bath. I have piles and piles of laundry to do and I'm just not going to do any of it. OK, I never bathe The Dog because that was the deal when we got her and I'm going to do some of the laundry. But most of it is going to sit in the hamper and I still haven't put away my suitcase from London and the kitchen is a disaster zone, and I'm not going to do anything about it. Judge me if you want--frankly, I'm too tired to care.

The tulip fairy left flowers on our doorstep again yesterday. Whoever she is, and I'm assuming it's a she because men don't usually think of these things, she is a wonderful and thoughtful person. Or two thoughtful, wonderful people because it might not be the same person. But at any rate, I love the tulips.

These car owners are having a worse day than me.

You can't see, but there is a taxi and a BMW and a white delivery van under that tree which fell over in DC while everyone was waiting at a stoplight. Except for the BMW which was parked. I actually saw this on my way to the Metro. So thank you, tree victims, for making me feel very grateful that I take the Metro in. For all its many faults, public transportation pretty much guarantees that my car won't get smashed by a falling tree on my way home, except for the part where I have to drive through Tree City. I hadn't thought about that part. Now, I'm going to eat dinner and go to bed. (Husband, that is no excuse for not calling. Just because I might be asleep doesn't mean the children are.) And no, I don't care if they are still awake when I go to sleep. Didn't I mention that they were very responsible? It's not like they are toddlers. Sheesh!

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  1. "while Child 2 makes dinner and Child 3 does the dishes..."

    Wrong house. They should be doing that over at my place.