Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bad Day 274--Ooops!

Apparently, what happens when you take two different kinds of cold medicine at the same time is that you not only forget your name, you also forget to push the publish button on your blog and you just shut your laptop and go to sleep around 7:30 and then wake up at 2:30 am and can't go back to sleep and still have to go to work the next day. If I were one of the Seven Dwarfs, I would definitely be Sleepy. Or Sneezy.

But that is what happened to me anyway. I'm sorry if anyone assumed there was something wrong, and thank you to Sister-in-law 3 for letting me know about my mistake.

I had to go to work because I wasn't going to work today. I was going to an off-site training thing and if you know the Department, then you know that you cannot take sick days while in training and still get credit for it. So I went. I hope no one else gets sick, but I was very careful not to sneeze on anyone and I washed my hands a lot. Also, I drank a lot of Diet Pepsi, the kind with caffeine because I almost fell asleep several times. In fact, I am falling asleep now and it is only 7:30 pm. So I'd better get up and move around or I'll have another night light last night and no one wants that. Mom is arriving tomorrow. My Mom. So for a few days, at least, there will be another responsible adult in the house. As soon as she gets here, I am going to bed and not getting up for days. Or at least until I have to go to work.

These two people from Germany are having a worse day than me. They apparently went for a short drive near their home in Bavaria that was supposed to take around 5 minutes and ended up in Austria 150 miles away. Apparently, they didn't notice this sign which says you are crossing the border into Austria.

But then, I shouldn't judge because Mom and I once tried to go to the airport in Newark and ended up crossing the river into NY without noticing it until we were on the other side. However, I was 11, so my lack of direction at the time can be excused. And Mom had just had her 5th baby, so again, not really fair. This couple, however, were a brother and sister who were 77 and 70 respectively. The man's son came to get them and took them home so you can bet that was the last time his dad ever drove. So thank you, directionless siblings, for making me feel better about getting lost occasionally and very grateful for GPS, which I highly recommend for people who cannot tell which way is north without mountains. Although, I figure if I run into the ocean, then I will be way east, but I think I might notice the signs welcoming me to Delaware first. Now excuse me while I go to sleep, but this time, I will push the publish button first.

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