Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bad Day 285--Sunny and cool with a touch of lavender

In case you are keeping track, the Cheesecake Factory is not gluten-free friendly. Their menu is a mile long and comes in three parts so I thought of course they would have an allergy menu, but they don't. What they do have is a kitchen manager who will come and talk with you but forget to mention things like the lettuce-wraps you ordered come soaked in soy sauce and that they put layers of graham cracker crumbs in-between cheesecake fillings which he assured you contain no flour, so you happily ate the filling until you notice the thin layer of crumbs and then you are sick for two days. And you get a migraine the next day. I would never go back again, except that Child 1 loves it so much that she wants to go for her birthday which is in a couple of weeks, so how could I say no? But I will research online first. Also, farro is wheat, in case you were wondering, which I was. So not safe to eat if you are allergic. Too bad because it looks yummy.

Because of the aforementioned migraine, I spent most of the day in bed with The Dog happily snoring next to me. I have discovered a new way to get her to stop eating our guests which is to pick her up and hold her until she stops barking. The only problem is when you have a migraine, this is a pain almost worse than death. Or at least you want either The Dog or you to keel over so that the stabbing pain from the barking will stop. But after about five minutes of agony, she calmed down and slept in my lap. So now I realize I must spend more time with The Dog when company comes which does not make me happy. This new technique had better work because if it doesn't teach her to be nice to our guests, I will be really mad that I got dog hair all over me for nothing.

I know Child 2 is alive and well because she is sending me joke texts. Apparently what you get when you cross a performance troupe with cows is the Moo Man Group. She must be having fun. This cat in New Zealand, however, is having a worse day than me.

He was abandoned by his owners and found his way to a McDonald's parking lot where he would beg for fries and chicken nuggets which apparently made him really, really sick over time and in very poor health. An SPCA employee noticed him and took him home, but for a while he wouldn't eat regular cat food because it wasn't McDonald's. However, now he is OK and you can see above that he looks pretty healthy. So thank you, Frankie the cat, for reminding me to be grateful that I will never eat another Chicken McNugget because obviously, a diet like that can kill a cat, and also people allergic to wheat.

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