Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bad Day 273--I couldn't have said it better myself

I have taken so much cold medicine that my brain is one big pile of mush. It could also be the sleep deprivation. But at any rate, I am having trouble remembering words and I did a lot of walking into rooms and not remembering what I was doing there today. Like right now, I had a whole idea for a blog post, and now I remember none of it. It's lost in the fog.

The LA Times can read my mind, even if I can't. They published a great article on what not to say to people who are going through something difficult, which at some point will be everyone on the planet. So everyone take note because they said it much nicer than me. The idea is that people who are not in the middle of the crisis should not complain or offer advice or compare their problems to the person who is actually suffering. The rule is support in--dump out. If you read the article, you will understand. I fully admit that in the past, I have said some stupid things to people who were suffering, for which I now apologize. Now that I know how stupid those things are, I use my go to which is usually something like here is chocolate/a cookie/a copy of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Because sometimes, it is easier to let someone know you care by giving them something. Also, then you can talk about the thing you gave them and not why they are hurting which they might not want to talk about. So to the people who gave me flowers and a teddy bear and dinner over the past few days, you are all amazing and lovely and thank you, thank you. I have to say that I already like the bear much better than I like The Dog.

Francois Hollande (who is the president of France) is having a worse day than me because his camel is dead. I know you are wondering just why the president of France has a camel and it is because France saved Mali, so they gave him a camel. Here he is with the camel. He left it in Timbuktu because it is very hard to put camels on the French version of Air Force 1, or so I assume.

Now, remember when Child 3 thought that chamomile tea was made from camels and she said she didn't approve of using camels as food? Well, apparently they don't feel the same way in Mali because the family he left it with ate it. Yes, they were hungry so they cooked and ate President Hollande's gift from the people of Mali. So now Malian government feels terrible and is replacing it with a better looking and bigger camel which they intend to ship to France before it can be eaten. So thank you, Camel Eaters, for reminding me to be grateful that when our friends brought dinner tonight, it was stuffed grape leaves and they were delicious and most definitely didn't have any camel in them. And to whoever left the tulips on my doorstep, they are beautiful. I wish you had left a note so I could thank you in person.


  1. Hey, camels are delicious, especially when they're young and tender, like Hollande's allegedly was.

  2. Are you really, **really** sure there wasn't a camel in the grape leaves?

    Just asking...