Monday, April 29, 2013

Bad Day 293--Wait, what day is it again?

Husband freaked me out tonight when he told me I was missing two posts because the last one he could find was from Sunday. I told him I was sure I posted last night and he said no, the only one was about the powdered sugar, and then the children reminded him that here it was only Monday. Not only is he 9 1/2 hours ahead, but he was also on the wrong day. It's a good thing it's not Tuesday or else his parents would have missed their flight. We love them and would be happy to have them stay longer, but they probably want to get back home. We took them to Red Robin tonight and Father-in-law is now a fan. Since they also have them in his home state, this could become a regular thing. We are all sad that they are leaving tomorrow, especially me because I have to get up at oh-dark-thirty to drive them to the airport. It's a good thing they flew into the one close by because if they had flown into the far-away airport, I would have just said to take the car and leave it there and I would buy a new one.

Today was the perfect spring day, finally! Cool and breezy and raining. I loved it! You are probably wondering why I was so happy to have a chilly day full of rain, but then you would be forgetting my new gold raincoat which I got to wear at last when it was not too hot. And it looked amazing. Except for one thing which is that it's not really gold--it's sort of a bronzey green. Yes, I had that same thought, too, but it's nylon and sort of iridescent and is apparently one of those colors that is one thing under fluorescent lights and completely another in natural light so when you buy it in the store you are sure it is gold but outside it is green. So it may have clashed a teeny bit with my pink dress and my bright blue floral rain boots. I will have to re-think those rain boots. Maybe copper ones! Ooh, let's check on Zappo's!

No worries, though. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow and I have the perfect olive shirt and tweed pants to wear.

This man in India is having a worse day than me. He apparently let his 9 year old son drive his Ferrari and took a video of it and posted it on Youtube. Here is a still from the video

You would think that if you are smart enough to have accumulated enough money to buy a Ferrari, that you would also be smart enough not to let your unlicensed child who can't see over the steering wheel drive it. But that would not be true in this case, and the police have charged him with a crime. He'll probably get off with a small fine that won't be anything near enough to prevent him from doing it again since he already let the boy drive a Lamborghini and a Bentley. Somebody should cheat him out of all his money quit so he stops endangering the rest of India. So thank you, Mr. Bad Father, for reminding me that indulging the children for my own entertainment is a bad idea, and to be grateful that Child 1 is not only old enough to drive legally, she is also a very safe driver and her car cost nowhere near $4 million. Honestly, a 9 year old driving a car worth $4 million which is like a billion rupees! I'll stick with our Volvo, thank you very much. Much cheaper to replace if it gets wrecked, which it won't. Right, Child 1?

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  1. Husband-of-Jenn Dear: I like you, respect you, and think the world of you, but, right now, I'm laughing my head off at you. Why? Because you have never reminded me so much of my own Dear Husband, who did the same thing.